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My room looks like cheap version of destroyed Willy Wonka's factory..Wherever u take a look u will find all these wrapping papers from candies and chocolates.Yeah.Thats how i keep a healthy diet.And German chocolate is one of the best cos its really improving my mood as it supposed to be.Its not like all these fake sugar that we eat all day thinking it will give us the strenght we need to collect our thoughts and finaly say what we really want to say at oral practise.Anyways...But the truth is that i have to prepare for my tomorrow's lesson with one of my girls.They are so cool.I really like them and i recognized myself in them.Angelina looks like a small princess she has long beautiful hair and she acts naughty when she doesnt know how to pronounce a word.And Nastya has plenty of bracelets on her hands as i do so we got along pretty well from the first minute lol.And to crown it all ive made a coclusion that despite my trying to be cynical and objective i still remain such a sheep.Naive, with curls and pretty silly.baa baaAnd also we havent slept all night with my wonderfull CinderFuckingRella.Thats how she called herself lol.We talked about everything.Gossip...a lot of gossip took place.Though i dont like it but it was pretty funny.And we saw the Perfect_Breakfast_Pics.They are so beautifull.Now my wish to have a professional camera is growing strong.I cant believe that things have changed so much for the passed month.Really great changes in my life.And i still have plenty of things to do.No seriously,where is MY limit ot the perfection?Thats meee
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