and one by one they all come down.


i feel like i've almost been procrastinating making a new entry... i fall behind and i like to stay behind.


tomorrow is my last day of high school.
my last day... of high school.
my last day of the routine i have been doing for... well, like 12 years.

it's fairly crazy... actually, it's nuts.
i graduate on thursday...
and my life begins... i guess?

i like it just fine now.
i couldn't be happier... although moving out (into my dorm) seems a little bit more desirable every day.

i need space from my family. just a little bit.

work is crazy.
life is crazy,
but i'm doing great, all in all.. i'd say.
i am still enjoying the whole being in love thing... very much so.
6 months feels like a lifetime sometimes... and other days it feels like the beginning.
its set to last, that much i am sure of.

i think the summer is going to flyyy.... i really do.
so much is already 'on the calendar' as my mom likes to say... and i feel like i wont have the normal down free time i normally do... i will.
i promise myself.

i guess my summer starts tomorrow... technically.

heres to some more amazing life...