late night


Someone asked me tonight what my favorite part of the ocean was; I wanted to say everything because in truth I do love it as a whole. But there is something bigger than just that whole love. When the waves are big, and the tides deep as soon as you step in; you know, that drop right after the water meets the sand. When the waves take you up with it and then you plummet under, tuck and roll with the waves, back and forth back and forth and all around if you lucky. If you get just enough air in your lungs before you go under your set. On those same kind of deep tide, big wave days when you see a big wave coming that you know you cant go over you catch your breath real quick for one last second and then go under and you can feel the wave rush over your body and it pulls you back with it and if you tuck yourself into a ball it will take you back out a few yards as it retreats back out to sea. Your powerless in that moment, you give up all the control you hold onto so tightly in the real world, in our jobs, our relationships, our everyday lives when really all we are doing is pretending. Were not that in control, we never will be and the sea knows that. It’s like a child, its senses fear and if you allow yourself to just let that go you can become a part of the ocean too, become a part of something that is so much grander than yourself or anything you will ever be. That is what I love.