Нужно распознать текст


Нужно распознать текст

  • Сканер в руки - и FineReader навстречу.. . ) Или фотоаппарат и ScreenshotReader
  • Например программой Fine reader. Сохранить в pdf можно или в Word апример.
  • очень хорошая есть программа ABBYY FineReader называется. Скачай и работай спокойно с текстом .
  • качество снимка плохое. Вместо букв будут кракозябры
  • Пивом угостите? Править сами будете

    I couldn’t believe the energy and vitality of the place - it was magic! And the dance itself was,so intoxicating! There waa no "right” way of doing It; you just dance for the joy of it. I’m not a confident dancer, but it has become my favourite leisure time activity. I delight in music and let myself go. Besides, it’s a great way to meet people. I believe people of all agea and walks of life should try dancing. Throughout history, people have expressed themselves through dance in rituals and ceremonies, on social occasions with friends and family...

    It’s great fun and good for my body and mind.

    I think there isn't much spare time in my life for leisure activities. As all school leavers I'm getting ready for my exams and it takes much time, you know. But there is something I can't do without — it's music. Mv friend Bob and I are like minded p<-.> pie and we jump at e\ erv opportumu when it conies to a musm спот'. or[d festival. I love modern music and musicians because they try to broaden our musical horizons to get us away from what we hear on the radio or TV every day and experience the latest styles in world music. .The concerts are often given in a multitude of languages and we sometimes don’t understand every word, but it doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm. I look around at the high spiritual crowd and realise that our feelings are unmistakably universal. They prove that music truly has the ability to break down all barriers. I’m having the time of my life, dancing and singing along to the music with lots of other teenagers.

    Bob and I believe that music concerts are unique leisure time activities which bring teenagers together and let them become themselves and express their feelings.

    Nowadays clubbing is one of the most popular forms of socializing and leisure-time activities for young people in my country. Hundreds of clubs sprang up in all parts of Australia, which unites teenagers with the same interests and performers.

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