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Thirty Seconds to Mars is excited to announce that we will be taking
The Summit worldwide. After numerous requests around the world from
people who couldn't make it to Los Angeles for The Summit due to their
schedules, financial constraints, and/or physical limitations, we have
decided we will be extending the audio experiment to locations in
Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom,
Canada and possibly more for an abbreviated version of the Los Angeles event.
Additionally, we will be holding an online version of The Summit if
you still can't make it. So you can be at home alone or gather with friends
and be a part of it all.

Although these 'mini' Summits won't be as involved and in depth as the
original Summit, nor will the band be attending, it will still be a
chance to share this very special experience with those of you who
couldn't make it to Los Angeles.

The Global Summit event will be held on the following dates and you
are invited to attend and participate in the making of our new album.
We will be releasing further information on the locations in the
coming days.

June 13th Cologne, Germany

June 16th Toronto, Canada

June 19th Sydney, Australia

June 20th Mexico City, Mexico

June 20th London, UK

June 20th Tokyo, Japan

Wknd of June 20/21 Paris, France

June 22nd Milan, Italy

Although we cannot attend any of the Global Summit events in
person (because we’ll be in the lab putting the final touches on the
new album), we do have a lot planned to ensure that each event is
special, unique and full of surprises.

Keep your eyes peeled as we will forward more information about the
events, in addition to an RSVP list, in the near future.

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